Time to Move On. Change is Now.

We are close to the critical mass of people who realize that those who insist on remaining clueless at the top are not capable of leading us to the lives, the country, and the world we want.

We are writing a new page of history, forging together our work and the blood and sweat of our ancestors. Now we have the common language of experience to become an unbeatable positive force.

The Books

Poof! And the Answer is...

We see through the smoke screens, puffery, doublespeak, and rhetoric coming from the top.

Like Dorothy and her friends facing the Wizard of Oz, when we see huge smoke and flames and hear a loud, authoritarian, all-knowing, demanding voice of power and authority, we'll know what to do. Just like Toto, we'll pull back the curtain, and — poof! — reveal the simple truth behind the spectacles and shenanigans.

The dream that we dare to dream really can come true. When we release our hierarchical puppet strings, we can turn elsewhere and "fly over the rainbow" to the land that we heard of once in a promise and hope from the founders of the United States.