Critical Mass: Contributions in Our Everyday Lives

Every day— in simple and accessible ways - we can create and live the change we seek. Sustainable change is not just about Washington D.C. or powerful, rich people. It's about each one of us—what we can do in the here and now—with friends or families, in our jobs or school, in our communities and elsewhere.

We are close to the critical mass needed to sustain a viable society rid of harmful hierarchies.
Each time any person shifts awareness and adjusts her or his life, that shift in collective consciousness moves us closer.


Become a Sleuth

Want more sanity in your life, our world,
More peace, hope, and happiness too?
Then sleuth around for some hierarchies
And get rid of at least one or two.

We'll sniff out their telltale behaviors,
That appear crazy, illogical, and screwball.
Yet when examined in the context of hierarchies,
We will simply make sense of it all.

No bereaving a hierarchy's departure,
There's relief and joy when not following number one.
Bright solutions, fresh friendships, new pathways -
The alternatives are so much more fun



Sleuthing Tips

Language and Images
Role Reversals
Who's Benefiting?
Discovery of CLUES



Opportunities are waiting for each of us. Here's some examples:

Countless additional opportunities are found in your intuition, imagination, and experience, and also in Clueless at the Top


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