The 4 C's

At this pivotal point in history, the 4 C's allow us to forsee a brighter future:

Change that frees us from the confusion of two opposing ideologies. We believe that all are created equal. Yet the many hierarchies that dominate our social, economic, political, and spiritual landscape cannot produce equality. When we turn our heads only slightly, we will see the glorious view outside our outdated hierarchies and the simple path to leave them. Read more


commonCommon Issue
The majority of people - the rest of us - have spoken for, contributed to, or worked for a country that works for all of us. Individually we have the necessary skills and experience. As we unite together with a common language and common issue, we will make quick and permanent change. Read more


changeClueless Top
We have been trained since birth to look to the people at the top for decisions, direction, and approval. They are the ones, however, with the most limited perspectives and least incentive to change. Now, when we see hierarchy conservators coming, we will act differently. Read more


criticalCritical Mass
Each of us can easily and conveniently contribute to this monumental shift, while we simultaneously improve our daily lives. Read more


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