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Sleuthing for hierarchies does resemble solving crimes. After all, hierarchies are stealing our happiness, peace, and hope, while also killing our safety, contentment, and security.

When we are sleuthing for hierarchies and identifying who's on top, one of the most important questions to ask is, "Who is really benefiting from this situation?" Even though they say they are acting in the best interests of others, people on top can be counted on to make decisions that benefit themselves.

When one group is consistently receiving the valuables while another group gets the hassles and leftovers, then we are likely on the trail of a hierarchy. But we must be especially clever, because people at the top are skilled at using rhetoric, disguises, and smoke screens to throw us off their trail.

For more examples of Who's Benefiting from hierarchies, see chapter 13 of Clueless at the Top.

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Who's benefiting?


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